Who We Are

Who We Are

MENA-Rosa is the first regional network dedicated to women living with HIV in the Middle East and North Africa. The MENA-Rosa mission was launched in 2010 and is ambitious, like its members, as they put it:

We are a group of women working for women's rights for dignity and love. The name of the network comes from the Middle East and North Africa, and Rosa, the first black woman on a bus in the United States, refused to give up her seat to a white man and start the civil rights [movement] black Americans. Rosa is also a feminine symbol. Through its courageous work, we are able to own a network and raise our voices as well. Our goals are multiple, but one of the outcomes is the impact on the health and quality of life of HIV-infected women and their families in the Middle East and North Africa "


MENA Rosa supports and empowers women and girls in their diversity, those living with HIV, women and girls at high risk of infection; as well as their families and partners through the development of their leadership, the promotion of effective participation in response, advocacy, networking, awareness-raising, and resource mobilization to ensure their rights, universal and equitable access to care, treatment, support, prevention and better quality of life.


Women and girls in all their diversity, especially those living with HIV and their families and partners, enjoy a fair and dignified life in an environment free of stigma and discrimination that guarantees their rights to health, equality and dignity; and ensures a reduction in the number of new infections in the MENA region.